Thursday, 8 November 2012

What is yours?

As I was going through the deep valley of my life this year, I couldn't help but to wonder how many of us really know,

What is the most difficult thing in our life?
 When is the saddest moment in our life?
What is the saddest thing in our life?
When is the happiest moment in our life?
When is the most peaceful moment in our life?
What is the most satisfying thing in our life?

Kids know better in Love and Respect, as Adult's mind is highly corrupted by Pride!
to see our parent im-mobilized, on sick bed, in hospital;
to know the end will happen in any moments;
to realize we could do nothing about it;
to be told "It's ok!" as they had lived their life in fullness;
to accept the law of nature;
to hold their hands as they leave......

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